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Certified Habit Control Consultant
mp3 Download

Guided Imagery

Become a Certified Habit Control
Consultant and Help People
Make Life-Altering Changes
that also Increase Your Income

Finally Have Techniques that Really Work to Help People Stop Smoking, Overeating or Nail Biting and more!
Habit Control With Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

You can become an expert in habit control when you learn powerful proven techniques. You'll learn protocols that will jump-start your work with people and give you the ability to help them make truly powerful shifts in their habits and their lives.

The Problem

You may not have learned the most powerful and effective techniques for habit control, and you may feel lost when you find smokers or overeaters who really want to make changes. You may not know how to be truly successful with this.  You may not have learned how to do this in your trainings – or you've learned habit control, but you'd like some improvements.

Lori Jackson"The clarity that Marilyn communicates inspires me to grow and to life my life purpose. My life has been for forever changed; I get the privilege of empowering others to live in peace, love and freedom. Thanks to the wonderful techniques I have learned through Marilyn's courses. Marilyn, you're fantastic and you do amazing work."
With Love and Gratitude!

Lori Jackson


"It's been going great. In past attempts to quit, I had to literally fight the urge to smoke.  Now, even though I think about it sometimes,  it's no fight really - which is wonderful."



"I am extremely pleased that found out about this program. It not only paints the big picture of what is needed in specific sessions and sessions in general, it also teaches additional therapy techniques that seem like powerful tools in the habit control (and therapy) process. On top of the great process overview, tools and approaches, Marilyn has gone further by providing terrific information about marketing and expanding your business. The program offers both the techniques and the business building tools that will facilitate everyone's practice. I highly recommend this course ---the content, delivery, and access is remarkable. This program adds a layer of confidence and capability to my practice!"

V.P., Stockton CA

The Answer

We have some great solutions for you. I'm someone who has personally felt the effects of destructive habits. My father died of emphysema and I'm a former smoker myself. I'm also a former sugarholic. I haven't smoked in many, many years, and I eat no sugar at all. So I know whereof I speak when it comes to the transformation of habits. For years I worked on my own sugar habit, but if I'd known techniques then that I know now, it would have been far easier.

Marilyn GordonI've been doing hypnosis with all kinds of issues for 35 or more years, and habit control is one that I enjoy doing because it hits home for me and because I've had success in helping people to stop or decrease all kinds of habits and addictions.

This course is taught by Marilyn Gordon, Award-winning Board Certified Hypnotherapist, practicing for over 35 years.

Pat Chen"This protocol and all the wonderful tools shared in the program, offered me many perspectives of working with habit control, and a nice clear, straightforward protocol for proceeding. It has provided me with invaluable skills, tools, knowledge, and confidence for walking this path of habit control so there's no turning back."

Patricia Karuna Joy Chen


"I had the fabulous opportunity to experience Marilyn Gordon's Certified Habit Control Consultant program and can't rave enough about her program and the tools it has given me to further my work as a hypnotherapist. She has a given me valuable information to be able to handle any type of habit control issue. Her program is easy to follow and I keep finding new information each time I read or listen to the program. One of the things I found to be an amazing resource is her section on marketing. It has helped me understand that I can be greatest hypnotherapist in the world, but if no one knows how great I am, I am only great to me. In order to be truly successful, we need to understand how to reach people. She has given me the confidence to stand out and market myself."

Mary Church, Thousand Oaks, CA

The Possibility

So I've decided to do something that will be life-transforming for you. I'm offering a home study program in Habit Control that will give you a certificate as a practitioner. I've given many certification telecourses and courses (Achievement Consulting, Life Transformation Consulting, Hypnotherapy Certification and more), and now this one – Habit Control Consulting. You'll learn fantastic techniques and approaches, and this will absolutely open up your life with opportunities for creating an expansive expression of your work.

"I thought the program was fantastic. The techniques are invaluable to my personal and professional life and the affordable price made it possible for me to take the course. I love the Wise Mind Process. I can't even begin to express the freedom and joy I have experienced through this whole course. Thank you so much. I'm also really enjoying the weight loss program. I just love your work."

L. Jackson, Certified Life Transformation Consultant

What You'll Learn

  • How to develop a plan of action for each client.
  • How to understand deep aspects of smoking and overeating. Learn the spiritual, psychological, physiological and other aspects of these issues. Learn why people have these habits and what needs they're fulfilling.
  • How to assess clients' degrees of motivation to change
  • How to find out in a matter of minutes what is the real obstacle holding the habit in – and how you can deal with that
  • How to interview your clients using special questionnaires that you receive as a part of your training
  • How to understand these issues from the hypnotherapeutic point of view, including how the mind, suggestions, the subconscious, and other areas are all involved with these issues
  • How to work with the spiritual aspects of habit shifts
  • How to deal with emotions or issues from the past that may be connected with the habits
  • How to use special techniques, such as energy therapies like EFT and the work with the Wise Mind to assist clients to change
  • How to work with preferred substitutions for the habits and give your clients other ways to create satisfaction in their lives
  • How to handle aversion therapy.
  • How to make personalized recordings for clients – what technology to use and what to say.
  • How to work with a variety of habits, such as nail biting, teeth grinding, various food issues, and more
  • How to work with some nutritional aspects of habit control
  • How to assist clients to make lifestyle changes.

And much more!

Mary Bonnier"I got some good shifts in the way I work and know that I can incorporate much of the material in my work. From that point of view, it was well worth the time spent. For someone with no prior experience, it would be a very streamlined process that they could follow with little else added and have a great session. It is useful for experienced therapists and the beginner. Wish I had taken this course years ago!"

Mary Bonnier


Ken Penrose"The program is excellent. I especially liked getting such a complete package of reference materials. It is very much appreciated. It has definitely advanced me in my life and work. I'm more patient and confident in putting my self out there. Thanks for doing such a great job."

Ken Penrose, Certified Achievement Consultant

What Kind of Program

This is a powerful home study program made up of 5 sessions. You can download it to keep and listen on your computer, mp3 player, or make a CD.

You'll also receive a complete manual in PDF format.

You'll have the opportunity to receive a certificate as a Certified Habit Control Consultant when you've completed the program and fulfilled some simple protocols.

The regular fee is only $227, but you can get the whole program, including the lessons, manual, and certification for only $197 $177 $77 $27. This program is worth $1500 to $2000, as the material in it is of such great value and is proven to work. But it won't cost you that much. This is a very special opportunity.



What Value

 If you want to be an expert assisting people in the most basic and important issues of their life choices, enroll in this program. You'll be happy that you made this decision.

You'll get new cutting-edge powerful tools, techniques, handouts and instructions. These are tools you can use for the rest of your life!

When you learn these new and different protocols in this comprehensive program, you'll become a part of a groundswell of life-transformers who are working to shift the habits and lifestyles of people on planet earth. You'll make your own contribution to the transformation of our world.

Michele Rousseau"I would definitely recommend this course to others. Not only are the techniques very powerful, but we were also given direction in how to conduct the sessions and how to market this work in order to reach the people who could benefit most. You can't help but be successful with this program!"

Michele P. Rousseau

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Certified Habit Control Consultant One payment of
US$ 177.00   US$ 77.00
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US$ 92.00   US$ 40.00
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US$ 62.00   US$ 27.00
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Note: Certificates will be issued after course work is completed
and payment has been received in full.

Barbara Before

"I worked with Marilyn using her Trans-formational Healing Method to transform my life!  I made a conscious decision to get healthy by eating right, exercising and paying attention to me.  How to accomplish these tasks were brought to light for me while using the transformational methods and the Wise Mind Process with her."

Barbara After

"Marilyn helped me see from deep down inside that I was worth being healthy and that achieving my goals were not only possible but doable! I began changing my lifestyle and making decisions that have helped me begin to achieve my goal of losing 100 lbs.   I've currently lost 64 pounds and plan to keep reaching for my goal."

~ Barbara Grandon  
RN, BSN, PHN, CHT, Reiki Master

Annette Foster"On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the highest, I give it a big 5. I felt the class was excellently taught and the handouts were excellent and very well organized. The length of class was just right. I liked that it was easy to follow along with you on the handout/manual. A good pace. You read over the material and then added additional information. I appreciate that you included forms and allowed us to use them. I also got a lot out of listening to you work with the callers. I would recommend this course to others, letting them know it would be very beneficial to them and help them greatly. Much appreciation."

Annette M. Foster
Certified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

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