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If you find that you have a lot of stress, things to do, creativity and memory that need a boost, you're like many people in this world. If you'd like to meditate more deeply and feel a greater sense of well being, you can find a private oasis in your mind through your brainwaves – and you can travel to a place of relaxation, energy, clarity and healing in a very short period of time. All you need are a set of headphones and some fantastic audios - and you're there!

The minute someone offered these audios for me to purchase and make available to you, I knew it was the best thing to do. First of all, the music is wonderful. One of them, the Mind Rise Audio, is my favorite. And guess what! It's 40 minutes long, and you can use it for your sessions with clients as background –and you will have brainwave music to use that's royalty free! There are 5 different audios, and they all come in the same inexpensive package. So you get all 5 of them! You can use them for yourself or with clients. They can deepen your meditation and create great results in any area you'd like.

Binaural brainwave music is hugely popular right now –and for a good reason. It works.
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More About Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are audio signals that help train the brain to move into certain levels of consciousness. The mind can enter these new phases without our having to think about it.

Binaural beats work by taking two tones at slightly different frequencies and presenting one to each ear. It sounds like a kind of rhythmic beat, and the brain actually interprets the two sounds into a completely new third beat. This beat determines the state that the mind enters. By emitting signals of different frequencies, you can train your mind and brainwaves to work in more productive ways. This can affect your relationships, meditation, abundance, inner peace, health and more.

Here are samples of the audios:

Mind Rise Audio

Gentle Wakeup, Force Energy

This 40 Minutes audio will take you from sleep to a new energy peak you never thought possible. Knowing that 30 minutes of unassisted meditation is worth 3 hours of sleep, how much do you think that this audio alone can do for you?

Creativity Boost Audio

Flowing Creativity, an Oasis of Inspiration.

Within 30 Minutes this audio will help you generate more ideas than a brainstorming session with Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Yoda and your Mother together (Mothers are well known for finding creative solutions to our own problems). Can you impress your boss enought to win that next promotion?

Laser Focus Audio

For Times When Play Is Not An Option.

Keep it running in the background for as long as you need, this one
hour audio has been created to project you into a reality outside of Time and Space. Focus on what matters NOW. This audio will assist you in getting more work done in hours than any of your co-workers in weeks.

Instant Memory Audio

Quickly Become An Expert On Any Topic.

Study any topics with this 60 minutes learning aid, and enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding, better retention rate and instant assimilation of the knowledge in your long-term and reflexive memory. Never leave for a presentation unprepared anymore.

Mental Refresher Audio

Relax, You've Earned It.

Because you'll never hear this coming from your boss, we've designed
this short 10 minutes audio to help you fully relax and fully refresh your mind. Use it during breaks, at lunch, or in the car after work, and stop worrying so hard.

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$37.00 for ALL 5 Recordings!
Only $17.00 for ALL 5 Recordings!

Only $10.00 for ALL 5 Recordings!

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