If you're ready to advance to the next
level of your life, here are powerful tools
to overcome obstacles, transform problems,
think more positively, and grow spiritually.

This is "The Power of Life Transformation
and Healing" 7 Part Home Study Program –
and it can work miracles for you.

Mind-Expanding Secrets for Activating Your Own Great Power.
Bring your emotions, prosperity, self-esteem, relationships,
habits, and accomplishments to a whole new level!

It's also great used professionally with clients.

Imagine this:
         You've just resolved an eating problem or an issue with your work, and you feel more confident and happy. You have money coming in and peace in your relationships. You feel like you're being lifted up to a new level. You've connected to the powerful Source within yourself that is the essence of all healing and transformation. You've found a method that carries you forward in a powerful way!

Release your old concerns!

You may have concerns about

      • your relationships,
      • your pocketbook,
      • your health,
      • work,
      • emotions, or
      • your home.

How would you like to have a method to help you to transform yourself and your life that is both powerful and affordable and that would give you tools so that you can do effective self-healing?

It works with higher awareness to transform the issues of your life.

It's a 7 mp3 program and booklet that's engaging, fascinating, effective, and transformational. It's a highly affordable program with proven techniques of great power to heal your mind, emotions, and life and give you the boost you've been looking for!

Some of the issues we transform
in individual sessions on the mp3s:
  • Stopping overeating and sugar cravings (One person lost 64 pounds, and another lost 18 pounds!)
  • Solving problems with relationships
  • Creating more abundance
  • Seeing family members from an expanded point of view
  • Working with the Wise Mind to get answers to problems
  • Healing several physical illnesses
  • Making a career decision
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Handling emotions
  • Learning the true meaning of "I AM" and using this to solve issues
  • Thinking more positively
  • Finding out what path to follow in life
And more!

You Can Transform Problems and Grow Spiritually

Here is a home study program that will give you a simple and powerful system to heal and transform anything in your life. If you're interested in life transformation, healing, and spiritual growth, this program is for you.

Even if you're experienced at this, this program helps you to transform your challenges in a deeper way. You'll learn a profound and effective approach to get in touch with challenges, release them and transform them as you move into expanded consciousness. This is both educational and deeply experiential. You will grow spiritually so you can handle the challenges of your life.


"I’ve made a move from darkness into light since the workshop. I was able to stand back and look at my life from a different view. I’ve taken many courses, and yours has helped me the most. Thank you!"

~ K.E.  

Receive a 50 page follow-along action guide
booklet along with the 7 mp3s.

You'll receive seven meditations!

Here's What You'll Learn:

* Module One:
   Introduction and Healing Tools
  • Learn the difference between transformation and change and how having the transformation mindset can take you light years ahead in your healing process.
  • Fill out special questionnaires to learn more about your own process.
  • Work with the "Top 10 Secrets for Healing and Transforming Any Problem" in detail.
  • Set the stage for your own powerful healing and transformation process.
And much more!

* Module Two:
   Healing and Transforming with The Wise Mind
  • Learn about the Wise Mind – what it is and how its brilliance can illuminate your life on an ongoing basis and show you the answers to your dilemmas large and small.
  • Learn the Wise Mind Process, a profound 4-step technique you can use every day to heal and transform anything in your life.
  • Learn about the power of breathing to release and transform issues.
  • Understand how "trance rehearsal" can manifest a transformed vision of your life.
And more!

* Module Three:
   Energy Healing - EFT and The Root Cause Technique
  • Learn all details about how to do Marilyn Gordon's version of the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, used to heal anything from emotions to physical issues to problems of the mind.
  • Learn how to work with the energy of the universe
  • Learn "The Root Cause Technique" to heal sadness, anger, fear, emotional trauma, shame, guilt, and grief.

* Module Four:
   The I AM Healing Power
  • Learn about and actually experience the I AM Healing Power
  • Learn how to open up this universal power with specific passwords.
  • Understand how to transform negativities and self esteem with this power.
  • Learn how to meditate with the I AM power.
  • Know how to invoke the ascended masters with the I AM power.
  • Understand the details of the "I AM chart" and their meanings in the healing process

* Module Five:
   The Healing Power of Mind
  • Understand how to transform suffering into happiness: Revelations from a Buddhist monk
  • Learn the difference between the subconscious and the superconscious mind
  • Learn about all the various levels of consciousness and what they mean to you.
  • Learn the special "Spiritual Healing Technique" to transform anything.
  • Expand your spiritual mind power in specific ways.

* Module Six:
   The Healing Powers of Love, Light, and Wisdom
  • Learn special techniques for healing with love, light, and wisdom.
  • Learn deep secrets of the Wise Mind
And much more!

* mp3 Seven:
   Extended Meditation for Shifting to a Higher Level of Life

"The Power of Life Transformation teleclass has been a wonderful bridge to your wealth of healing energy and wisdom! I feel like your love and compassion travels over the airwaves and via internet - you've been extremely attentive for a teacher so busy and far away, quickly answering my emails and encouraging questions. I've been impressed on every call with how you've helped individuals transform in minutes - zeroing in on issues so quickly and helping each person find her own answers.

I've also loved the topics you've covered and have already taken many of the concepts into my hypnotherapy practice. Most of all, I was wonderfully surprised with my own healing from this class. I expected to learn about healing methods but not necessarily receive healing. After one of your classes, I felt inspired to write, and what occurred was I believe a real breakthrough - some longstanding murky issues suddenly became crystal-clear!"

~ Paula Winchell  

Here's More that You'll Receive

  • Learn and understand the healing steps of Experience-Release-Transform and how they apply to you.
  • Learn powerful Release Techniques to let go of difficulties, such as EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Wise Mind Process, a 4-step process to transform anything..
  • Listen to demonstrations, and receive transformational opportunities from them.
  • Focus on spiritual growth and consciousness transformation. Have spiritual experiences that will deepen your path.
  • Learn to do emotional healing
  • Find and heal parts or aspects of yourself
  • Cultivate the ability to stand back and see from an expanded perspective.
  • Find the healing Force, the universal power, within.
  • Get in touch with your healed, whole, luminous self.
And more!

You can experience many actual one-on-one transformations
from darkness into light when you listen to the program!

"Time-after-time, I've watched the positive impact of your teachings in the lives of my clients. I am in awe, and deeply humbled, by the grace and beauty of your Transformational Healing techniques; and, amazed at the way you taught me to integrate EFT. So much of what I use in my practice was learned from you. I will be forever grateful for your wisdom, guidance and gentle Spirit."

~ Leah Lambert  

"You are a wise and loving teacher and have helped me immensely along my journey."

~ H.M.  

"You truly are a master with a heart of gold!"

~ A.F.  

Is This Home Study Program for You?

This is for people at all levels, as the inner work you'll be doing will be personal for you and will apply to you at your own level of consciousness.

  • It's for you if you truly wish to move forward in your life, but you may have an obstacle or two that is holding you back.
  • It's for you if you'd like to grow spiritually, handle your emotional life, live beyond your ego, be free to express your gifts and talents and move to the next level of your evolution.
  • It's for you if you'd like to experience the greatness inside yourself more and would like to see what it's like to find a community of conscious individuals dedicated to the power of transformation.
  • It's for both the general public and healing professionals, as, again, the inner work will take place in you at the level you're ready to receive it.
  • It doesn't replace the other things you're doing in your life. The face to face experience is great, but this program augments whatever you're doing to create greater happiness and peace.

Healing is an Ongoing Process

Will you be free of problems when it's over? It's important to know that healing is an ongoing process. You will develop tools and techniques that you can use whenever problems arise, and this program will transform your life in significant long-lasting ways.

"The program is exceptional – such an abundance of love, wisdom, laughter and joy and an opening of my heart, soul and mind. This was the most profound experience I have ever had. Thank you for assisting me to get more deeply in touch with the healing powers within me. I feel so much more empowered and enriched."

~ SL

Who's Teaching This Telecourse?

I'm Marilyn Gordon, and I'm a transformational teacher, hypnotherapist, school director, writer, healer, internet messenger, and chief cook and bottle washer, and I've been teaching since 1966 – a long time!

I've worked in the area of life transformation, healing, and spiritual growth since 1970, and I'm dedicated to the transformation of consciousness on this planet.

I assist you to create extraordinary transformation in your life.

And now we're taking a giant leap into a powerful home study program. It's exciting to be able to reach many more people on a global level. And I would love to share it with you.

"I’ve taken the Life Transformation course twice, once live and once via teleseminar. Each time Marilyn was sensational, a truly gifted teacher, mentor and guide. She has the unique ability to make you feel as though you are standing right in front of her when she delivers her message. Learning from her has changed my life personally and my practice professionally in ways truly unimaginable. She taught me techniques that have added depth to my practice right from day one. Marilyn has so much to teach, I can’t wait to take more classes so that I can continue to add to my ‘tool kit’. Marilyn, I’m blessed to have walked into your path."

~ Namaste! Barbara Grandon  
RN, BSN, PHN, CHT, Reiki Master  

Please note:

  • These audio recordings are expertly edited and enhanced from a telecourse that contained numerous learning experiences, including live one-on-one demos. Even though the audio is enhanced and edited for sound excellence, there are a few microphone pops, but the material was too good to re-record.
  • While there is no promise of benefits from a legal point of view, you can have high expectations that you'll receive untold benefits and healing experiences by listening to the recordings and following along in the 50 page action guide.

"Truly transformational! You have an incredible gift for teaching, leading, and offering alternatives. Your gentle and persistent sprit offers healthy choices to people who have felt 'stuck'." 

~ Barbara Hansen  

This is an amazingly reasonable fee for everything you're going to get.  One internet marketer said to me, "Are you nuts?" He felt I was giving away all these incredible tools and healing opportunities at too low a fee. I wanted to be able to get as many people in this program as possible.

30 Day Guarantee:
If you're not 100% satisfied, receive a full refund.

Single payment of  $127 
Only, $37
(No Shipping Charge)
Order Now

"I love listening to you….your voice, your energy, your philosophy. You are great!!  Thank you so much for all you offer. As I’ve already said….you’re doing great work and thank you for offering so much."

~ Karen Hand, Owner Positive Changes, Chicago  

Click to listen to Karen:

"I worked with Marilyn using her Transformational Healing Method to transform my life!  I made a conscious decision to get healthy by eating right, exercising and paying attention to me.  How to accomplish these tasks were brought to light for me while using the transformational methods and the Wise Mind Process with her.   Marilyn helped me see from deep down inside that I was worth being healthy and that achieving my goals were not only possible but doable! I began changing my lifestyle and making decisions that have helped me begin to achieve my goal of losing 100 lbs.   I've currently lost 64 pounds and plan to keep reaching for my goal."

~ Barbara Grandon  
RN, BSN, PHN, CHT, Reiki Master  

P.S. If you'd like to make sure that you get the special low price for this with bonuses, be sure to sign up today. This is a truly life transforming program that can be used for your own life or for the lives of your clients, friends, and family. This would also make a wonderful gift.

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