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Through The Center for Hypnotherapy Certification, Oakland CA
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Assist People To Turn Their Lives Around!

Here is a quality professional program that will give you a certificate as a
Life Transformation Consultant; you'll receive special training for creating
a successful practice assisting people to turn their lives around.

You'll learn extraordinary information and have profound transformational experiences, and you'll receive an impressive certificate from a reputable certification training program. Receive validation for your knowledge and expertise in the area of personal development and transformation!

Become a Part of This Evolutionary Program

  • Work with people using techniques that are on the leading edge of life transformation, law of attraction, and life fulfillment work.
  • Receive a certificate for assisting people to transform their lives.
  • Create prosperity, emotional upliftment, and spiritual power for yourself and your clients.
  • Take part in this wonderful opportunity for certification and personal evolution.

Graduates are saying:

Marilyn Gordon"The Life Transformation Consultant Program has incredible value. Marilyn is an amazing and gifted teacher who not only teaches us all these techniques and tools, but who also gives us all kinds of ideas and ways to promote our work in many different ways including the online business. Her program has changed my life for better. Now I have the knowledge to assist people and I am starting a new business. Also I find it a new passion in my life. I love all her teachings so much. I have a new path in my life and I feel very grateful to Marilyn."

~ Rosalina Oviedo Black, Certified Life Transformation Consultant

"This program that been a wonderful experience with many specific tools that I will be able to use both on my own self-development and in working with clients. It is a very unique therapeutic process in that it taps into the body, mind and spirit in a very powerful way. By using the process on myself I have been able to release any fear and insecurity about doing this. I know that this is a unique gift for clients and a powerful way to help clients find happiness and peace within. Thanks so much Marilyn for this wonderful course."

~ A.A., Canada, MSW, RSW, Certified Life Transformation Consultant


Here's What You'll Receive

  • Five PDF documents and four audios giving you training on what to expect in sessions, how to handle your clients' issues, how to do powerful transformational work with clients, how to create and build your business, and more
  • Special handouts and bonus items to use with clients
  • Excellent questionnaires to use for interviews
  • Comprehensive protocol pages on what to do in sessions from start to finish
  • Guidance on specific transformational procedures, including relaxation techniques and guided visualizations
  • Specific techniques for assisting clients to overcome their obstacles
  • Consulting Agreement forms to use


You'll Receive Outstanding Programs
as Bonus Downloads

  • "New Paths to Online Business Success for Consultants and Spiritual Entrepreneurs" Home Study Program in which you learn how to give teleseminars and telecourses, write online articles, create an online newsletter, and create ebooks to expand your work.
  • "The Power of Life Transformation and Healing" Home Study Course for bringing emotions, prosperity, self-esteem, relationships, habits, and accomplishments to a new level
  • And more!


How You'll Receive Your Certificate

  • You'll be asked to work with one to three people and report on what takes place in your sessions.
  • You'll be asked specific questions about your work with clients, and you'll answer by email
  • You can communicate with us via email about your work, and you can receive further assistance for any of your projects via our mentoring program.
  • You'll receive a certificate by mail as a Certified Life Transformation Consultant from The Center for Hypnotherapy Certification in Oakland
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Become a Part of This Evolutionary Program

  • Work with people using techniques that are on the leading edge of life transformation, law of attraction, and life fulfillment work.
  • Receive a certificate for assisting people to turn their lives around.


Marilyn GordonMARILYN GORDON is a transformational teacher and author, healer, award-winning speaker, board certified hypnotherapist, and hypnotherapy school founder/director. She helps you to transform anything in your life and does telecourses, seminars, sessions, recordings, books, home study courses, and more.