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Become a Certified Achievement Consultant

With Marilyn Gordon, BCH, CI

Attention: Consultants, hypnotherapists, coaches, healers and all others who feel stuck or who assist people who are struggling to excel at anything in their lives!

Come learn secrets for your clients and yourself to overcome setbacks and obstacles and excel in any area of achievement…and increase the quality and bottom line of your life and work!

Do you or your clients ever say things like this?

"I can't see myself succeeding."


"I have the ability, but something's always getting in my way."


If this is the case, it's time for transformation!

What if you had such dynamic way of helping people excel in their lives – that you were in very high demand?

If you've been struggling and know you're here to do greater things, support is on the way.

You can transform lives in innovative and groundbreaking ways!

Here's a brand new home study program!

It's an opportunity to expand on the quality and scope of your work by assisting people to accomplish anything they've set their minds to.

This is an extraordinary program filled with techniques to assist people in the areas of:

  • Learning and test-taking
  • Creativity: writing, performance, arts
  • Business and career: consulting, coaching, hypnosis or any other business; job search
  • Performance areas such as sports and public speaking
  • Other areas of achievement

Ken Penrose"The program is excellent. I especially liked getting such a complete package of reference materials. It is very much appreciated. It has definitely advanced me in my life and work. I’m more patient and confident in putting my self out there. I’m making up a gift certificate to send out this week. Thanks for doing such a great job!"

Ken Penrose

Become a Certified Achievement Consultant!

You Get the Advantage of Years of My Experience with People from All Walks of Life

You'll learn techniques gathered through my 30+ years of experience with all kinds of people, assisting them to reach their potentials – doctors, lawyers, NFL Hall of Famers, Olympics-bound ice skaters, CEOs, students of all kinds, writers, artists, musicians, consultants, public speakers, hypnotists – and many, many others.

Way back in time in the "olden days," I started a new life by letting go of my English teacher role and studying the vast field of human potential. I took many powerful seminars, studied with gurus and teachers from all over the world, and got a certificate as a hypnotherapist. I needed this shift, as I was at my own edge with stress and burnout, and I then discovered a whole new world. I learned about the powers of the deep inner mind to open up whole areas of human achievement. My interest in this led me to work with people from every walk of life.

Someone sent me some pro athletes as clients - football Hall of Famers and golfers. I also worked with a billionaire CEO from the high tech field. I assisted many people taking tests: therapists, lawyers taking the bar exam, court reporters taking their grueling typing tests, acupuncturists learning all the meridians and points, and more. I worked with young ice skaters training for the Olympics, job seekers who needed to excel in interviews, real estate brokers who needed to do public speaking without fear, entrepreneurs handling the challenges of their work, and on and on.

I discovered some principles in my work with people, and I put them into a
system of transformation that I'd like to share with you. You'll learn what all these areas of achievement have in common – and specific interventions for each particular field.

Here's something I also know:

Your value is not dependent on your achievement.
Your value already is!

Assist your clients to:

  • Overcome their current limitations and performance obstacles, such as fears, negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, and more
  • Get clarity about the areas of achievement and the steps they need to take
  • Find both inner and outer tools to reach to new levels of their own potential
  • Use their highest inner resources to catapult them into their next steps

This is a remarkable program with a wealth of material that you can use for your private sessions, workshops, teleseminars, articles, and for your own personal growth. You'll also receive a certificate as a Certified Achievement Consultant. You'll get a comprehensive manual with complete directions for doing performance acceleration sessions and more.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Learn special techniques to assist clients to find exactly what inner obstacles are in their way
  • Learn significant processes to assist clients to move beyond current limitations, clear old patterns, and release all barriers to their success
  • Assist clients to create specific grounded plans and visions
  • Guide clients to move into the space of possibility and work with the powers of their minds
  • Open clients to their expanded selves
  • Learn various specific approaches for the different fields of endeavor
  • Receive many techniques for marketing your practice
  • Apply any of these areas to yourself as well.

Here's more of what you'll receive in this 5-part program:

  • A toolkit for a Certified Achievement Consultant business, which will include online marketing, business documents, and much more.
  • Powerful inspiration and support
  • Meditations, deep hypnosis processes
  • A certificate as a Certified Achievement Consultant
  • An organized, comprehensive manual that you can use on a regular basis.

What you'll learn:

  • Introduction to the various fields of endeavor covered in this program
  • Overview of an Achievement session
  • How to locate and clear old patterns blocking success
  • How to expand clients' vision and open their potentials
  • How to work with test-taking, sports, business and career, performance, and more
  • How to develop your work in this field with online and other marketing
  • And much more!

Who Should Attend:

This program is for people who wish to learn leading-edge techniques for taking their work to new dimensions – and who would like to have a certificate to validate their special knowledge. This is for coaches, hypnotherapists, consultants, people who are doing self-healing and anyone who'd like to learn these protocols. Practitioners at all levels of development will find truly valuable ways to do the highest quality work. If you would like to do work that honors your clients, creates awesome results, and illuminates and empowers everyone, this is the training for you!

Ken Penrose"This program has provided me with many versatile tools for working with a broad range of issues, options for release of obstacles, and a powerful protocol for laying down positive neuropathways in the form of subconscious suggestions that support forward movement in the direction of achieving a desired goal. Many of the processing, balancing, and releasing tools are valuable techniques in and of themselves, for any variety of situations. This program was presented in an extremely well organized, clear, accessible format."

Patricia Karuna Joy Chen

Materials You'll Receive:

  • Comprehensive manual which includes:
    • Complete protocol for doing Achievement sessions from start to finish
    • Information on working with the specific fields of endeavor with many special techniques and processes
    • Forms for business and practice: consulting agreement, questionnaires, step-by-step guide to doing sessions
    • Marketing with both internet and conventional protocols

  • Beautiful certificate for your wall
  • And so much more!

About Marilyn Gordon:

Marilyn GordonMarilyn Gordon is a life transformation teacher, board certified hypnotherapist, author, healer, trainer, and certification school director. She is an award-winner speaker and presenter, having won five awards from the Guild, the last one as Educator of the Year, voted on by participants of the 2008 NGH conference. Marilyn is deeply interested in the field of human potential and looking forward to sharing this with you!

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More Testimonials:

"This has been the most important and the deepest experience I've ever had. Thank you for bringing the techniques and the information to us in such a beautiful, compassionate and loving way."
~ DN

"This class has been the one that reached into my soul and touched the very essence of me! We were helped to feel free to be there for our clients. What a gift to give one another."
~ NP
"This class has surpassed my expectations. Your presence, techniques, written material – all superb. I could not have asked for the course to be better. I found the tools I've been looking for."
~ SM
"Wow! What a fantastic class--it is the single best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much!"
With Gratitude, ~ LZ
"What an incredible class! I have an enormous amount of information, techniques and healing. You are very gifted in your work as a hypnotherapist and abundantly so as a teacher. I got way more out of this course that I ever imagined was possible! It was full of an enormous amount of love, healing and many tools to work with."
~ PJ
"Marilyn is not only a gifted and caring teacher, she also has that rare ability to motivate and help students to actually do something with the skills she teaches. My expectations have been greatly exceeded, and I have very high standards for all that I do."
~ MC
"Your seminar was the highlight of the conference for me. It was the greatest – inspirational, motivating, outstanding."
~ BH
"Marilyn is fascinating. I could listen to her for days. She is inspirational. She gave me what I needed and more. It is everything I thought hypnosis could be."
~ LS
"Marilyn is a wonderful teacher – full of humor, love and warmth. She is a true hypno-goddess."
~ LP
"Marilyn is an asset to the profession and the Guild. Her work and view are unique and valuable."
~ PP
"Marilyn Gordon's workshops are gems to behold. She has the ability to develop and teach original complex healing strategies in a clear, accessible manner. These powerful techniques will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your own inner work. And you can't help but be personally transformed by her caring and deeply nurturing presence. Her work is poetic and spiritual."
~ R & LC

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